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Various - Old School Electrology Vol.1
Terrolokaust - God Loves The Violence
In Strict Confidence - La Parade Monstrueuse
In Strict Confidence - La Parade Monstrueuse
Santa Hates You - Crucifix Powerbomb
Santa Hates You - Crucifix Powerbomb
Tyske Ludder - Anonymous.
Rotersand - Random Is Resistance.
Ayria - Hearts For Bullets
Imatem - Journey
Vic Anselmo - Trapped In A Dream
Leaether Strip - Civil Disobedience
Amnistia - Blackguard
Various Artists - Capture And Tension
Various Artists - Capture And Tension
Mindless Faith - Medication For The Misinformed
Pride And Fall - In My Time Of Dying

Welcome again to Hard Wired & our apologies for the recent lack of updates. This is due to the template system not working properly (bleedin' technology, eh?) which meant Dave the webmaster wasn't getting the reviews I was sending him; fingers crossed, all will be well now!

If you're a regular reader of our goth reviews you may well have noticed that Stuart Moses & Anya Hastwell are no longer writing for us. This is due to the both of them having other obligations which meant they were unable to contribute to the site which is a great pity as their contributions were much valued, both by myself & a good many readers. I'd like to thank them both for their work on the site & it goes without saying that they're both welcome back at Hard Wired Towers anytime! In the meantime I'll be carrying on the goth reviews as well as the usual electro ones (with some help from Andreas from Germany) & hope you find much to enjoy here.

So enjoy the reviews &, as ever, stay Hard Wired

Carl Jenkinson


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New This Week: July 2, 2013

Synthpop reviews for:

Implant - The Productive Citizen. Never predictable & always intriguing, this Belgian duo add their own flavours to old-school synthpop styles
Noblesse Oblige - Affair Of The Heart. A classy & glossy synthpop experience that is still full of feeling

Industrial reviews for:

Pyrroline - Ruins Outlast. Another artist updating well-loved staples & incorporating them into a sound that reflects the past while looking ahead

EBM reviews for:

Ayria - Plastic Makes Perfect. This latest Ayria album plays very much to the artist's strengths & delivers another must-have release in the process
Poupee Fabrik - Dirt. A totally old-school experience in ever respect, making no compromises or taking any prisoners

Monday 2, 2013

Industrial reviews for:

Dunkelwerk - Operation Duesterland. LostTrooper's third album sees him exploring a musical landscape that as rich & melodic as it is desolate & lost
Krystal System - Rage. A more authentic sound from the French duo that mixes grunge, electro & industrial styles
One-Car Suicide - Dancing After Dark. An intriguing mix of punky electro industrial trash with some old-school overtones
tEaR!doWn - Clouds Cover The Sun. This duo resurrect the spirit of Mentallo & The Fixer & turn in a melodically rich & sonically inventive album in the process
Terminal State - Illegal Space Activity. Slovakia's answer to FLA return & take their sound into new, adventurous realms
Various Artists - Absolute Grrl's Manifesto-Chapter One. A four-disc sampler that celebrates women's contribution to alternative music

EBM reviews for:

Cynical Existence - Come Out And Play. Daniel Croona's spartan EBM styles proves too samey, irritating & downright boring to be a success

Band Interview for: Munich syndrome

March 1, 2013

Electronica reviews for:

Glis - Phoenix. This American artist takes us back on a journey through his musical past

Synthpop reviews for:

Munich Syndrome - Robotika Expanded. A more powerful but still melodically strong synthpop release from the States

Other reviews for:

Zeromancer - Bye-Bye Borderline. The Norwegian rockers return with a more imagivative & powerful sound

Industrial reviews for:

Project Pitchfork - Black. The Pitchies return with the next chapter in their ongoing quest to take industrial electro onto new realms

EBM reviews for:

Kant Kino - Father Worked In Industry. An offbeat & varied approach that sees this Norwegian band expanding the borders of old-school EBM
Say Just Words - Screams In The Darkness. A promising debut of melodic EBM from Chile


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