Following the release of their 'Rotten Beat Manifesto' album, and their unique Industrial Noise style of tunes, we had to find out more about this band. (Keith Elcombe, January 2005)

1) Hello. Care to tell us who you are and where you are from?
HIV+ : My name is Pedro Peñas y Robles and I was born in Spain in 1968, but it was in France where I began my underground way in Gothic & Dark E.B.M scene. At the end of the 80’s I was resident DJ of the famous Dark/techno club in Southern France called TROLLEYBUS of Marseille with the mythic fetish-industrial festivals named ARMAGEDDON.

2) Why the name, ‘HIV+’? Is there a message (hidden or otherwise) behind this name?
HIV+ : My name HIV + (Harsh Industrial Virus Positive) isn’t a vain provocation but a tribute to friends died because of the AIDS and of the drug. It ‘s a way to spread the virus of the industrial noise music in all the electronic styles !

3) Congratulations on the rather fine ‘Rotten Beat Manifesto’ – how long did it take to produce, including writing the tracks?
HIV+ : I wrote this album in a few weeks and I was inspired particularly by my noise addict fans and their energy that passed on me during my American tour in 2004!

4) How long has the band been in existence, and how did it form?
HIV+ : DJ HIV + exists since 1988 but I began to produce my music in 1999 and my first album was published in 2000 on the cult french label Divine Comedy Records. I am the only member of this project but sometimes I have friends as Wired Brain or J.C Scottis who accompany me for the production/engineering of my albums.

5) Who would you say are your main musical influences?
HIV+ : I love the pioneers of the noise music called Esplendor Geometrico, Throbbing Gristle,Suicide and most recent artist as Pan Sonic,Speedy J. or 2nd Gen but I also listen to old EBM ,Meat Beat Manifesto or Dive and I like the atmospheres of the David Lynch,Gaspar Noé and Darren Aronosfsky ‘s films !

6) Do you draw on influences other than other artists for your music? What for instance drives and motivates you to produce the music you do?
HIV+ : What motivates me to produce a so sad and violent music is just reality ; everyday brings crimes , rapes , mental illness & the dark side of human's true nature ... I meet that all everyday in French's jails where I'm working for the government... Industrial Music's just a material that expresses human darkness . Haus Arafna and the likes are masters in it's genre ..

7) You manage to create some stunning sound-scapes on your album
‘Rotten Beat Manifesto’ – what sort of equipment do you use? What process do you go through to get the sounds that go to make up the tracks?
HIV+ : I use concrete sounds and samples of films ,recorded with a rotten microphone, I cut this sounds with my samplers and put harsh effects .I like the fields recordings and distorted human voice.

8) How easy/difficult is it to perform this sort of music live? The closest I guess I could come to it is when I saw Orbital live last year – their music is great, but they have a big budget for lighting and show effects. How does this compare to your situation?
HIV+: I was myself impressed with Orbital,Anthony Rother or Speedy J. , seing them gigging in Barcelona. But myself do no pretend 1000 people will dance on my music during a show ... If I would have wanted this , I did fuckin’ electrop pop or the likes ! But if I have the same technology and material than this bands , I think that my public would be afraid with the experiences ( sound + vision ) I can do !!! Skinny Puppy would be compared to "poppies" !!! But finally , I offer the best of what I can do , and with Lady Walkiria , on stage , we offer something both erotic and obscure , closer to my inspirations than "music for the masses" .

9) How do you rate playing live compared to working in a studio? Is it a huge buzz for you?
HIV+ :I like playing in concerts because that allows me to travel, take drugs, drink and make of the noise (laughs)!

10) Is there anyone that you would really like to tour with in the future? Who are they, and why them?
HIV+ : Yeah mmmmhhh ….Sonar,Haus Arafna,2Nd Gen,Speedy J.,Converter or Alec Empire ! I like their shit!!

11) What’s the idea behind the imaginative gallery design on your website?
HIV+: I was in Artschools during the 80's , and I always draw . As music became my main mood of expression , I put my old paintings and pictures in a cellar I can call "museum of forgotten stories , by a Gothic person that survived !" ( laugh )

12) What is your perception of the modern day Industrial scene? Has it become too watered down and strayed too far from its roots?
HIV+: Electro Industrial's Scene from the 21 st Century is at times "creative as ever" and ... "cliche as ever" ... a lot are still copying Ant Zen , themselves strongly inspired by ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO or DIVE. Public may be bored with clones . My personal tastes in Industrial scene from nowadays ? A lot of creative french acts just as FLINT GLASS,MOURMANSK 150, KOMPLEX,BABYLONE CHAOS ,LAAG, LITH,OIL10 or AB OVO.

13)Have you done any videos to accompany your music?
HIV+ : Not yet , but I will perform some visual "surprises" with my next shows .

14) What are your plans from here onwards in terms of new material? When can we expect some more tunes?
HIV+: I have a lot of projects in the can ( V/A's , remixes , a new album ... ) , but what I appreciate as much is my next collaborations with 2ND GEN,MOURMANSK150,SCRAP EDX,MUCKRACKERS , or excellents remixes by DULCE LIQUIDO, ISZOLOSCOPE, MSB ( legendary side project of ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO),SCRAPEDX,OBSZON GESCHOPF
or NÖVÖ (on A. Rother's label ) just did for me .

15) Finally, if there was one thing you could do tomorrow, any dream you wished to full fill, what would it be?
HIV+ : To cure the planet from human illness ...