With a sound that can best be described as the most unique to grace the Darkwave genre in years, Lamia (hailing from Argentina) are tipped by Hard Wired to be the next big thing on the scene. keith Elcombe catches up with the band. (July 2003)

1. So who are you, and where are you from, and what do you do when not being ‘Lamia’?
Hi there, We are LAMIA from Argentina.
LAMIA is a mixture of electro-gothic music and classical structures. Claudia ["Cali"] Rolando, soprano and Juan Andrés Celasco, piano, synths, vocals and compossition are the basic foundation of the heart of LAMIA.

2. Is “Dark Angel” your first release? If not, what previous work have you been involved with?
Yes, “Dark Angel” is our first release.

3. Prior to Lamia, what are your musical experiences? (Previous bands? Musical training etc.)
Cali studies lyrical oriented singing since she was 16 and Juan Andrés
studies piano since he was 15, both at the Buenos Aires Music Conservatory. My former industrial band was called NYX, which performed from early 1994 to late 2000 in the underground scene of Buenos Aires. At the beginig of 2001, searching for a new musical aesthetic language we left the industrial scene and began mixturing our music with antique music that is my original background. In the beginig of 2002 Gabriel Carbone from Twilight Records offered us the production of our first album Dark Angel with a new name [LAMIA] and we were looking for a female voice, to complete the circle. We put an advertisement in the National Music Conservatory of Buenos Aires place where I´m finnishing my pianist carrear. Four singers attended the trial, but when we heard Cali we were overwhelmed by her beautiful voice and charisma.

4. Where does the inspiration for your style of music come from?
From our various musical taste. Merging them we expand our musical spectre.

5. What’s your attraction to classical music – where does this stem from?
It´s our background, is what we choose to study when we wanted to be musicians.

6. How would you describe your sound and musical style? I’d place you in the ‘Classical-Modern Darkwave’ category… would you agree with this?
I don´t like to speak of categories in music, because that limits the audience. But if we have to place it somewhere we woud say that is electro-gothic.

7. Hailing from Argentina, what is the Alternative scene like there? Is there a substantial Goth/Alternative movement?
Compared with the old world, Latin America is recently awekenig to this kind of aesthetic art. Here in Argentina we are being witnesses of the consolidation of an everyday growing movement, along with another local bands. Something no-one would dream of some years ago. An example is the fact of being in record label of this kind of music in Argentina, Twilight Records.

8. The track, “O Domine Jesu Christe” is without a doubt (in my mind anyway) the best track on the album – how did you work it so that the differing musical styles fused so well on it?
The text is originally from the Christian lithurgy, love antique and sacred music, and I only tried to imagine how would antique music sound with sinthetic elements. I believe that art is cyclic [like everything in life] and this way of making music is to come back to our sources, through modern media.

9. What equipment did you use in order to put the album together?
All we used is based on the standards of what any musician nowadays knows and can use. On the other side I personally like Korg synths very much.

10. Who do you site as having the most influence in the music you create?
Cali: mi love is for music of all styles, including the one called classical, but I love medieval music, jazz, tango, etc.
Juan Andrés: Chopin, Kraftwerk, Stockhausen, Das Ich, antique and sacred music.

11. What about playing live? How well does this fusion of differing musical styles work when performed in front of a live audience?
We understand that both musical styles merge perfectly, the only secret it to know how to relate them. Live, the combination of classical and electro-goth is very welcome by the audience, although in our country and generally speaking in America is very rare.

12. Have you got any plans to tour overseas yet?
Obviously we would love to have a long tour overseas! That depends on how much would people there like to see LAMIA live and of course excecutive producers!!!

13. Where to now for Lamia? Will there be another album along the same lines as Dark Angel, or will you diversify your sound again?
LAMIA is constantly evolving, certainly we are about to take our sound to different levels always being honest with our background. We are already working on new material but its too soon to speak about it, we prefer to focus on Dark Angel [our first album] nowadays, and enjoy what happening right now. And you can know about us in our website, that’s always updated.

14. Where do you see yourselves in 5 year time?
Making, enjoying and communicating through and with music, that is the best we do.

15. Finally, what to you is the most precious thing about life?
Life itself [for both of us].

Thank You.

[Juan Andrés & Cali]