Given the release of the excellent Binary Sex EP, we manage to track down the band and speak to them, in order to find out a bit more about a band that are definately going places. (Keith Elcombe, December 2004)

1. Hello there! Care to tell us who goes to make up MMTM, and where you are from?
TECH: MMTM consists of only Tasha and I. The two of us do everything including music, lyrics, vocals, photography, design, web, video, visual FX, and animation. Everything aspect of MMTM is our creation, and another conduit for us to express ourselves. We're both from Massachusetts, which is a state in the Northeast corner of the USA.

2. How has your music been received internationally?
TECH: We were signed in Europe first, the reception there has been warm. Things continue to happen for MMTM in Europe first and then USA follows. It seems like Europe is more open to music from the goth/industrial scene. This style of music actually hits the charts over there! In the USA, a Depeche Mode or Cure release is barely notable… The USA charts are dominated by pop-crap and weak-ass 'metal'. It seems like Europe is even more commercially open to metal. It looks, from a distance, like the goth tinged metal bands get more mainstream exposure than they would here. So we're a mixture several things that do well there, it's just a matter of time before the scene entirely 'catches-up' to what MMTM has been up to for a while.

3. What musical projects were you involved in prior to the forming of MMTM?
TECH: Tasha and I have been in bands together since we were young teenagers, lots of theatrical, poet-shirt metal bands earlier and more alternative angst-ridden stuff later on. At one point, we became sick of drummers and bass players and started molesting a PC instead. Of coarse, we soon grew wise and abandoned the PC for a Mac. But THAT is another story all together.

4. Describe the MMTM sound – where would you place yourselves in the Alternative music scene?
TECH: Right from our very first demos we were called 90's industrial and WaxTrax! nostalgia. We both wear that as a badge of honor. I think that is accurate, but I think that we've brought something new to it, our own voice. That individual voice is something that evolves over time, and it is still evolving for us.

5. What was the inspiration behind the video for ‘Why?’
TECH: This is a pretty f*cked up time to be an American… I love this country and would die to preserve the promise it holds, but more and more recently I've been considering leaving. Especially after this last election, the 'democratic' will of the people is slowly turning the United States into society I would gladly leave because I no longer love it.

The video for WHY? is a vision we developed together. We story-boarded and shot it ourselves, with NO budget. At some point we are going to shoot different performance footage for that video, because we aren't entirely satisfied with how that part if it came out.
Our country has become more and more divided over what I see as 'cultural issues' and the conservatives see as 'moral issues'. The WHY? video lashes out at the hypocrisy and intolerance of Christian extremist. There are two specific things that strike me as ABSURD. Christ's most powerful attributes were humility and understanding, if one strives to be Christ-like, they should emulate THOSE traits of Christ. Secondly, it is Christian extremists who are so incredibly hard-line in their aversion to Muslim extremists. They are actually both so blind that they don't see they are condemning each other for being equally hateful and intolerant of other ideas and ways of life.

6. This might be my own opinion, but I feel that your sound has more direction and commitment behind it on the Binary Sex E.P, more so than it did on the Electrolust album. Would you agree with this, and if so, what was behind the change?
TECH: I wouldn't say we have more 'direction and commitment', we've always worked very hard at realising our vision. What we are doing has certainly evolved, but what we want to do now isn't the same as what we wanted to create several years ago. The passage of time alone changes any artist's vision so much. When you compare Electrolust to Binary Sex, you are comparing something that we wrote and recorded in 1999/2000 to songs we wrote and recorded in 2003. That is four years of growth! With Electrolust, we wanted to create 2-3minute Ramones-like rapid-fire songs that would work together as one seamless piece of music. That is what we did. It was as hectic and abrasive as it was meant to be. Most people got it, but some DID NOT. [We read Hardwired's review. HaHaHa!!] The goth industrial landscape was so cluttered with 6 minute long, dancefloor pop and we wanted to do the EXACT opposite. That is what Electrolust was.
The upcoming MMTM LP, Stranger than Fiction, will be very interesting. We've been writing songs since 2001, but instead of releasing everything we've been continuing to write and only keeping the strongest ideas. Binary Sex is just a single/EP of a couple of the new songs we've been developing. We are very excited to finish Stranger than Fiction and get it released. We've also been learning a lot from working with producers like En Esch from Slick Idiot and KMFDM and Romell from Razed in Black. We're also going to have a few collaborations with songs featuring guest-appearances by other artists we admire, like XP8.

7. What’s behind the inspiration and concept for the MMTM image and sound?
TECH: The entire project is solely our creation. So sonically and visually MMTM is our subconscious and whim, with little or no filtering.

8. When at home, what sort of music are you listening to?
TECH: I'm listening to a lot of Billy Idol and Prince again lately. The new Slick Idiot CD, Screwtinized, has been in the CD player a lot. There is also a Razed In Black promo compilation that is like a 'Greatest Hits', I've been spinning that constantly also.

9. Who was the last band/act that you went to see?
TECH: OOooo. I saw Skinny Puppy and Tweaker before we went on tour. It was amazing! I had never seen SP before, though I enjoyed OhGr tour immensely.

10. When not being MMTM, what do you do for day jobs?
TECH: Graphic Design and Media Development…self-employed most of the time. Economy is getting shakier each day here. So PLEASE buy some CDs!!!

11. Is there a serious message behind MMTM, or is it just about having a damn good time and living life to the full?
TECH: For the most part, it has been about enjoying ourselves and venting negativity in a healthy way. The last few years have had an impact on us both as people, and it is reflected in our art. I think that the political and social undercurrent of the music/visuals is running a little closer to the surface right now. But not to worry, MMTM won't be abandoning our lustful venom spewing any time soon.

12. I notice that you have had some tour dates in the USA. How has our sound gone down there and who did you play with?
TECH: We did 22 shows and 11,000 miles in 34 days!!! The tour was a great time. We can feel the MMTM thing growing with each tour. We toured by ourselves, but did shows with several other acts like The Cruxshadows, Razed in Black, and Ego Likeness.
Several years ago, no one here was making guitar driven aggressive music in this scene but us. At least that is how it felt. Everyone was "futurepop/ebm with heartfelt vocals"……gag.
Now the whole scene is swinging our way. Suddenly, everyone is trying to get more aggressive, and EVERYONE has female vocals. We were way out ahead of this movement, but we get little credit for it, ESPECIALLY Tasha. Even though she is much more than half of MMTM, we never get included in that female-fronted category that is so trendy now.

13. When can we expect to see you in the UK?
TECH: Man, we can't wait for that! Black Flames is working on booking a European tour for us, it is somewhat difficult to work out financially. Binary Sex hit the FAC, and we are hoping that Stranger than Fiction will do even better. A little bit more growth in sales and we will have the booking interest we need from concert promoters.

14. I notice (on the Binary Sex E.P) that the difference in style between ‘Why’ and ‘Tonight’ is quite stark, given the male and female vocals that appear on each song – what was/is the decision behind this?
TECH: We've always been interested in MMTM having a wide range in style. A few reviews have had an issue with us spreading out so much. I, personally, am always bored to deal by a LP of songs based on the same formula and elements. We're not really interested in creating one dimensionally. We have decided to narrow MMTM's range somewhat. The material that we've written in the last few years, that doesn't fit into MMTM will be released through two side projects, Tashiana and Screw Company [ScrewCo].

15. What was behind the idea to include so many (excellent!) mixes of ‘Why’ on the EP? Did you approach other acts to remix the song, or did they approach you?
TECH: Well, Binary Sex has different remixes on each version, one released in Europe and one released in North America. Both contain some excellent remixes. We just wanted make sure that there was a wide variety of entertaining music on the release to make it more of an EP than a single, especially since CDs are so expensive. Some remixers were friends and others we were connected with by labels or mutual friends. Just incredible work we can't thank them for enough!

16. Given the strength of the EP, is this the kind of sound we can expect to hear in the future from MMTM?
TECH: We absolutely wanted Binary Sex to serve as a bridge between the Electrolust LP and the upcoming Stranger than Fiction LP. Over four years, the sound has turned in different directions. I think Binary Sex is a nice reflection of what is to come, but it isn't the WHOLE picture. We still have a few tricks up our sleeve.

17. When can we expect the next offering from MMTM?
TECH: We hope to have 3 releases done by April/May 05, MMTM, Tashiana and ScrewCo. How long it will take to get the labels to release them is another question all together, but the Spring of 2005 looks pretty likely.

18. I notice that the MMTM image and style is quite powerful on your website – how important would you say that this image is to the band?
TECH: We see all aspects of "image" as another opportunity to express ourselves. So we don't see it as important in a superficial way, but a very personal way, since we control and create that image ourselves.

19. How did the partnership with Black Flames come about? Have you ever worked with any other record label?
TECH: Black Flames approached us several years ago. I'm not exactly sure where Radek found us, but we had lots of coverage in Side-Line, Outburn, and all over the web when we were still entirely independent. We are also working with Underground inc, or Invisible Records, for distribution in North America.

20. What do you see the future holding for MMTM?
TECH: Lots of naughtiness and touring. Hopefully at the same time!!!

21. Finally, if you could have any one item with you if you were stuck alone on an island, what would it be?
TECH: Come ON now….vagina.