Nik Page
Richard Hobbs manages to catch some more valuable time with the Blind Passenger's helmsman Nik Page. This interview discusses the promotion of Nik's debut solo-album release, and also enlightens us on how he has coped working both in the studio and on the road without the familiar surroundings of his former band. (August 03)

1. So what is the story with Blind Passengers, have you actually split or are you just resting up?
At the moment we are split, but I haven´t ruled out the possibility to start a Blind Passengers-comeback with a changed band line up. At the moment I´m focused on the Nik Page-project. 

2. What was influential in your decision to produce a solo album?
Being a part of a typical band set-up means a million compromises. I wanted to record a CD that´s 100 percent me, without endless discussions.

 3. How long was the debut solo album release "Sacrifight" in the making?
I had already started during the Neosapiens-recordings (the last Blind Passengers-CD) 2000/2001. "Hall Of Pain" and "Desertland" were the first Nik Page-tracks. My Blind Passengers-bandmates liked those songs so much, that we used them for Neosapiens. Most of the Sacrifight-songs I recorded at the Turbobeat Studios Berlin in 2002 in a couple of different studio sessions. I think that´s the best way to produce an album, much better than being locked in a studio for 2 or 3 months, recording the CD in one marathon-session. If you make an album in the process of a couple of shorter sessions, you have the chance to listen to the new stuff with objectivity to find the weak spots in the tracks.

4. Can you tell us a bit about the albums theme, it looks like there's a fetish thing going on there?
The main topic on Sacrifight is the fight, against stupid, old-fashioned behavioral norms, demanding a lot of sacrifices day by day, suffocating our dreams and fantasies. It´s a fight in our heads against the invisible roots of 2000 years of mental christian dictatorship - a dictatorship that damned every kind of pleasure. I think we are born to enjoy our life excessively.
Our doing should be dictated by our passion, and not by old rules of etiquette. I think it´s a sin to damage somebody else for your own advantage, but it is no sin to realise your own fantasies if you don´t hurt somebody else. The doctrins of most religions are absolutely inconsistent with the Creation. Such as the demonization of every kind of sexuality, that is not praticed to reproduce within a marriage relationship for a lifetime. Most animals only have a sex drive during the ovulation period, but the Creator gave humans a wonderful sexuality for every day of the year. It makes no sense that God gave humans this talent to torture them - he gave us this gift to have a really pleasent time on earth.

But the suppression of sexuality is only one point of a long long list of stupid rules, made by self-proclaimed representatives of God´s will. They misused Jesus Christ to create a terrible tool to feed their hunger for power and wealth - they misused Christ to create a system of lies and blood to suppress personality development of a hundred generations.

The biggest lie of the church is the story about Good and Evil. There´s more than black and white in our world. The devil is a fiction of church to frighten the people. Humans should be afraid to go to hell after their lifetime, if they don´t do what the preachers say.

In my opinion Lucifer is the fallen angel who was banished from heaven cause he/she was a rebel - no ass-licker! He/She tried to free people from boring hypocritical paradise to bring the humans pleasure, culture and lust. I can´t imagine that Lucifer would give somebody the order to kill animals or to slaughter children. These are acts of mentally disturbed persons, not the results of a bad devil. I think if Lucifer would come down to earth, he would look like the girls of my CD-booklet - the embodiment of temptation, lust and pleasure. I think Lucifer would like fetish clothes, like I do.   

 5. I believe your position in BP was mainly songwriter, sampler and backing vocalist. What's you're input been on the "Sacrifight" album?
I´ve written all songs, arranged them together with my producers Bernd Wendlandt and Ingo Politz and sang the tracks, 6 songs alone and 7 together with good friends of the German Gothic scene. 

 6. In what way have you tried to separate your own music with what you had previously done with Blind Passengers?
It´s more song orientated than Neosapiens, the last Blind Passengers-CD. You also can hear much more Gothic and Electro-influences on the Nik Page-album. Check Out the snippets in the music-section of my webpage (use F11 if you have a small screen) and you´ll hear what I mean.

7. There were many special guests appearing on the "Sacrifight" album, how did you come to use these guests, and by what deal, was money involved or do you owe a lot of favours now?
Fortunately most of them were already good friends of mine before we started the Sacrifight-recordings. They liked the Passengers-stuff, and of course they liked the Nik Page-songs too. Otherwise they would not have given their good names and their time for my record. 

 8. Have there been any singles released off the album yet?
In Germany our label made some club and radio promotion for the song "Shape My World".

9. You seem to have received some very good reviews for your cover version of "Dominion / Mother Russia" on the latest Sister Of Mercy tribute album. How did the chance arise to appear on that release?
The people from Orkus magazine who compiled this CD asked me if I would record a track for the Sisters Tribute-album. I think The Sisters of Mercy made the two best Gothic-Rock-CD´s ever. That´s why it was an honour for me to create a new version of Dominion/Mother Russia.

 10. I notice there have also been a few live appearances from you recently... How was the experience of going on the road again with a different crowd?
Everything was really new, cause it´s a completely different show. I got stage fright again, a feeling that I had missed from the Blind Passengers-shows the last few years.

11. I understand you are well underway with work on the second album already... what have you planned so far?
I´ll play some good selected live shows and I´m working as well on an unplugged set with piano and cello for some Nik Page-shows in churches. But my main work at the moment is recording the second Nik Page-album.

 12. Are there any further comments you would like to add?
Greets to all Gothic and Electro fans in the UK. Hope to see you someday.