It’s time to meet up with an upcoming band from Lyon. Porn are currently promoting themselves solely by a cracking self-produced 4-track CD-R of songs, with the main purpose being towards aiding themselves in their search for the best possible label deal. Their energetic fusion of Industrial and Rock music has certainly left me hungry for more, so here’s hoping the feelings of “The powers that be” are as mutual as mine and the ink will soon be flowing on paper…
Richard Hobbs talks with guitarist Angeline Porn about the bands progression so far.

Let’s start with an introduction of the members and their function within the band, and could you also briefly include the story of how you came to work together?
Valentine, Ug and me (Angeline) have been friends for years. We started playing music together when we where young, and had several bands into different styles, but nothing really serious until we decided to give birth to PORN.
We met up with Lyric when we moved into Lyon. He had his own one-man band and was looking for people to play with. We instantly started to work together because of our musical and spiritual compatibility, and it goes really well.
The line up is:
Valentine Porn : Vocal/Guitar
Angeline Porn : Guitar
Ug Porn : bass
Lyric Porn : Machines

So why call yourselves Porn of all names... are you obsessed with sex?
Yes, a bit...
More seriously, pornography is everywhere, everyday, but nobody sees it as it takes another shape.
For example real TV, religions, relationships, art, etc...
Everyone likes pornography as it deals with fantasm; and that's what we deliver: fantasm of feelings.
Moreover, we can say that music is a kind of prostitution because musicians are selling sonic pleasure. According to this idea, we are whores. "We are the Toy boys making you joy!”

Has using the name given you many negative responses, what with the current problems of internet paedophilia and the like being highly publicised in the press?
No, we haven't had problems for the moment. But it will certainly happen some time.
There are always stupid people to misunderstand what bands have to say.

As a band, do you all share the same aspirations / enthusiasm; are there ever any disagreements amongst you over artistic preferences?
No, there are no problems as we all have the same idea of what we want PORN to be.
We all agree with our music as we want to make it our very own, even if we don't listen exactly to the same music.

The music of Porn can be described as a fusion of Rock and Industrial, how did you come to decide on this direction, and what other bands have influenced your musical tastes?
We didn't decide to make music on this direction; it was just something very natural for us to play this way. The fact is that we don't try to sound like other bands; we just want to sound like PORN.

How has the promotion of Porn been progressing so far, have you featured in other magazines yet and are the clubs playing your demo tracks?
We do everything by our own, and making promotion represents a lot of work.
We have appeared in Rocksound (France), Rage (France), Zillo (Germany), and had a few reviews in other magazines. Things are starting to go well in France, but it's harder to make promotion in other lands.

Being currently unsigned, what type of label and deal are you setting your sites on?
We are of course looking for the best deal possible, but it's very difficult to swim out of the underground when only having for our luggage a 4 trax CD.

If nothing materialises soon, would you consider a self-released album?
For sure! We’ll release our first album in late 2003, having a deal with a record label or not. I mean that autoproduction is not excluded. We made this 4 trax promo CD all by ourselves, so why not doing the same for a full album? But for now, some people seem to be really interested by PORN...
More news soon...

There must be a high degree of experience and confidences within the band... The tracks on the demo disk are recorded in your own studio and self produced, mixed and mastered...
Yes, we’ve done everything by ourselves; recording, mixing, mastering, but even graphic design, promotion, marketing, etc ... It's 100% "Do It Yourself".
We have experimented enough to do it well as we are making music for years, and each one's experiences are complementary to the other one's. And making it all by ourselves had a lot of advantages.

All the tracks on the disk contain a relatively heavy approach, is there scope for you to produce ballads at all?
Not really ... But we don't limit our music to a single style. Our setlist contains songs sometimes slower, sometimes heavier, sometimes most Rock'n roll. And our album will be in this way: a large panel of different feelings.

The opening track is "Soft machine / porn machine". What is the story behind this song? An anthem for the band maybe?
This song is important for us as it represents the beginning of PORN. The lyrics of this track are also the most strange, and people can understand it as they want to. It deals with Alex Kid, Cosmic puppets and Monkey men...

How do you go about constructing a song, like the aforementioned for example?
It depends; it can start from a guitar riff, a vocal melody, or a loop. Then everyone tries to add his own vision of the song upon this.

Another track on the disk I’d like to discuss is "The fee". What cost are we looking at here?
In fact this song is about Trust:
"Trust can kill you or set you free
Trust can serve you or be the fee."
Everything depends of how you trust; it can help you to reach your goal as it can drown you to death.

Can you recite a piece of your favourite lyrics from a Porn song?
"I'd like to lick the sperm which gave me life,
I'm a freak, psychofreak and I cum blood, I cum blood, I cum blood."

When it comes to remixing / experimenting with your music in the studio, just how far are you prepared to venture with your sound?
We have no limit, but everything we do must stay in the sense of serving the track. I mean that electronic experimentation can sometimes give birth to a good surprise, but sometimes totally disfigure a track. For us it must do nothing more than helping the track to get all its scale.

What’s the live experience of Porn like? I imagine plenty of activity both on stage and in the crowd?
Yes, you're right. On stage PORN deliver a catchy visual show that takes everybody by surprise. It's something strong, glittering, sexy, decadent and Glamorous.
Let's Rock!

Are any of the band members active in or considering other musical side projects?
Lyric was having his own project before PORN (Lyric); and Ug and I were doing harsh beat industrial (Prothese). But for now we are such involved in PORN that we don't get the time to spend in other side projects; and in any way, PORN is our priority.

What are your interests outside of music?
There are a lot of different topics: movies, books, science fiction, graphic design, photography, video, ...
We are interested in every form of expression. For example, we are completely fond of Philip K.Dick.
The most part of his work has really impressed us all. Movies also take a big place. I really like the work of Gregg Araki, Christopher Nolan, Andrew Niccol (for Welcome to Gattaca), David Lynch, ... and I also like the work of Hans Bellmer.

I found out about Porn through a recommendation from the band Backstab. In turn, who would you consider to be other upcoming French Rock/Industrial acts worth discovering?
Yes, There are a lot of good newcomers appearing here in France. For example: Nihil, Wormachine, Brent, and Punish Yourself.

Any further comments for our readers?
Our first album will be out in late 2003 / Early 2004 and it will rock!
We are for now looking for gigs everywhere in Europe, and especially in UK.
We have just been selected by ROADRUNNER to take part in the "Onde de choc" contest.
You can vote for us at the link below:

Thanks a lot for this interview; it was a real pleasure to answer your questions.