Their debut release, 'Encryption', is set to storm the UK Goth scene. Hard Wired discovers more about this ground breaking act.

Hard Wired interview conducted by Keith Elcombe, in June 2002, with Alistair from Projekt.

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1. Firstly, please tell us where you are all from.
We are all from the dark depths of Derbyshire. We all live within a few miles from each other so it’s really easy for us all to get together to write or rehearse.

2. How did you meet up and form the band, Projekt?
We all new each other from previous bands. It was whilst watching bands perform at the Whitby Gothic festival a few years ago we decided to stop ‘watching’ and start playing instead. Thus we where formed on in January 2000.

3. What is your musical history, past bands, musical experience etc.?
Kev ( bassist ) and Phil ( Guitar ) had played together in previous metal / rock bands. Shaun ( vocals ) was in fact their lighting engineer for one of their previous bands ! Alistair ( synths, programming ) had also worked with some musical ventures, although drawing from more traditional gothic / dark metal influences.

4. What was the thought behind merging almost dark metal guitaring with a distinctly modern Goth sound?
Not planned or contrived thought really; the band has just evolved over the past few years into what you hear on ‘Encryption’. We have a kind of formulae that we stick to ,basically a modern gothic feel with heavy guitars and industrial sounds. We wanted to do something different to what we had all done in our previous musical ventures, mixing all of our styles and influences.

5. What is the driving force behind your lyrics?
The lyrics are based around core areas of human life – relationships , insecurity , the spectre of death and the impact of religious belief. Lyrics are important to us – other people can read into them what they want to, but we know what they really mean to us.

6. Given that it has been said that the album Encryption stands to change the direction of Goth music today, where do you see the band standing in the current UK Goth scene?
We let other people make the judgements and statements about our position within each musical genre. We continue to be focused on writing good songs and making each live performance bigger and better than the previous one.

7. Are Projekt here for the duration, or will you become another ‘one album wonder’?
Not at all! – Encryption was a steep learning curve for all of us both in writing terms and studio production. We are all immensely proud of the album and the good reviews it is currently achieving in the press. However, we know the potential for us completing a follow-up album is far, far greater as we feel we have only just scratched the surface in some areas.

8. How do you plan to proceed after releasing such a groundbreaking album?
Gigs, and more gigs! – we need to get as many people infected by our ‘Nu-Gothik Metal Groove Machine’ as we possibly can!

9. What was the inspiration behind “I Know You Hate Me”?
It explores a dark sexuality, dealing with twisted emotions and strict devotion……’I know you hate me …but I love the pain you give to me’. For further details please send a plastic coated Stamped addressed envelope to Projekt……

10. Of all the tracks on Encryption, ‘Dead Valentine’ is the most laid back, and to some degree a departure from the rest of the album. Was this planned, and do you have such melancholy tracks lined up for the future?
Ha, ha – ‘Dead Valentine’ is only a ‘one off’ song that people either hate or were others have said it is their favourite track. To us it was a kind of ‘film-score’ piece of music that was finally utilised to break the album up, proving that we can write slower material as opposed to our usually driven sound with ‘semtex laden guitar riffs’.

11. Of all the bands you have gigged with, who did you enjoy playing with the most?
Probably supporting Mortiis last year – he was quite a cool bloke under all that make up and stuff, where hoping to work with him again next year. ‘Last Rights’ was also enjoyable with the ‘Wright’ brothers looking after us very well.
We always get on well with other bands anyway – adverse ego’s can really make things ‘suck’ over a period of time.

12. Who would you like to tour/play with?
We would love to tour with bands like Rammstien and Rob Zombie one day. We love the big stage show stuff where bands put on a ‘proper show’.

13. What was the last film you saw, why, and what did you think of it?
The last film we all probably saw was the new Star Wars film , which mercifully was a massive improvement on the last piece of inane drivel ‘The Phantom Menace’.

14. What book/s are you currently reading? (Who is you favourite author?)
We are currently reading a selection of glossy art pamphlets (Mayfair,), assorted cereal packets, Roland and Korg technical specs and the odd Iain Banks novel.

15. What do you see as awaiting us all in ’the next world’ (should it exist)?
fire and brimstone or harp and clouds…who knows?…
The ‘Next World’s’ ironic edge is that there may not be’ a next world ‘ to put right the things that should have been done in this one – we don’t get second chances!

16. What can we expect next from Projekt?
At the present time we are working on some new material before heading off to play an Italian Festival, then off to complete a full UK tour with Midnight Configuration during September & October. A few dates with killing Miranda and d.u.s.t are also in the pipeline on their UK tours. Then hopefully, a new album next year to bring us final world domination.